Sunday, August 29, 2010

This weekend we were sent off to go "house hunting." The Tour of Remolded Homes is a weekend journey through old houses in the Greensboro area that were professionally remodeled. Each home I visited seemed to have a different feel to it which just so correlated to the vibes i got from the designers. It was an overall interesting experience and I can't wait for our second tour of newly constructed homes.

Here are some quick floor plans I tried to draw while walking through this one home. It seemed to be one of my favorites from the moment i found out it's concept name was "chateau scribble scrabble"

Friday, August 20, 2010

And the Countdown Begins!

It's day number 1 and it looks as though I might turn into a magician this semester.  It looks like it will be the most interesting class yet but I'm definitely going to be juggling a lot of things at once! This semester's study will be focused on all aspects of residential design : bungalow : ranch : [mcmansion] : high rise :
Although I do not feel that residential design is the path that i will choose for a career, I am extremely excited to take my first step into the journey. We'll see where this takes me!