Monday, September 20, 2010

Bungalow : Bonsai

After extensive study and research about the "Bungalow" and the "Arts and Crafts" style, I decided to make my concept Bonsai. This felt like a sensible idea when i considered all of it's connections to both the bungalow and arts and crafts design. A bonsai, is the art of growing a small tree in such a way by the carful  use of hand.  I feel that this connects greatly to the Arts and Crafts movement because of the use of hand through design. During this movement, architects took pride in creating homes by hand that looked almost one with nature, incorporating materials such as wood and an abundance of horizontal lines through the vertical architecture.  The designs of the arts and crafts period also varied depending on architect. This also hold true for the bonsai. Each bonsai artist has his or her own version and style on the outcome of the trees aesthetic appeal. It depends heavily on the hand of the designer to look the way it does.  A connection to the bungalow is also apparent because of it's large tree-form appearance but small pot size.  The bungalow period was an uprooting from grandeur homes and a downscale to emphasis comfort, a home, a hearth and a warmth of only necessity in the small home.

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