Sunday, September 5, 2010

study through sketch: glessner

I feel that these sketches helped me grasp the true essence of the Glessner House.  Its raw, free hand qualities reflect the true innovation that was this home.  It aided me in the discovery of many characteristics and details that lied only on the exterior.

Details such as material usage were very crucial in this design. The designer had skillfully used these materials in such a combination to look like it was a light structure rather than a heavy compilation of stone minimal glass and wood.

This drawing represents the importance the home held to the architect as well as the clients. This specific piece was modeled after a desk in the architect's personal living space and was in the client's favorite room of the home, the library. I felt that it was important to do a study of this because it was so important to the design and also because it represents the richness and character of the home's interior.

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