Monday, September 20, 2010

Site and Touch Explorations

Here is a collaboration of my custom materials and textures. I wanted to use a variety of layers, and textures to make the room feel the essence of a bonsai tree. I stayed with the colors of green and orange because they are almost complementary and remind me of the tree.  Bronze is also another big factor in the deisgn thecause of the extensive amounts of bronze used in the arts and crafts style homes and the copper wire used in molding the bonsai tree into its unique desired shape. 

art piece
mirrors give the room a sese of reflection and layering the leaves bring within the tree.  

a gradient of layered ovals give the room a soft effect and the sense of leaf like form.

abstract spaces taken out of the carpet collaborate to correlate to the uprooting of the bonsai tree.

layered color variation of the  ruffles give the chairs a sense of depth and dimension that is found in the bark of the tree.

 wall texture
pertruding paint gives the room a sense of texture adding yet another layer into the space.  

 wall paper
This wallpaper plays with the coper element and reflects on the "subtle shimmer" that leaves portray. It feels like they are structures and if organized another way, wouldn't make sense. Like they all fall to place perfectly. 

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